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WhipGolf (R) was born amid some friendly jeering among buddies on a golf course.  "Just throw that thing out of the sand trap already!" was the "light bulb" moment that got Curt Evans, the inventor of today's "throw golf," thinking about how far a golf ball could actually be thrown.  Lo and behold, a ball can be thrown about 200 yards with The WHIP, and each throw can be remarkably straight and accurate.  Shorter throws are even more accurate.

In the Evans garage, equipment for a new sport was created - just as Sherman Poppen had garage-invented the snowboard, aka "The Snurfer," in the 1960s by putting together two of his daughter's skis - which all her friends wanted simply because it was a new way to have fun.  Evans dusted off the old physics textbooks, and studied everything from film of Jai alai to the ancient trebuchet to the Science Channel's Punkin Chunkin' show.  Models began to take shape with metal rods, cardboard, plywood, and modeling clay.  Shortly, clay turned into a CAD file, then a 3D printed prototype, then another . . . until The WHIP was ready to be unleashed.

Fortunately, Mr. Evans was also a patent attorney, with over 18 years and $3 Billion worth of patent infringement litigation experience.  FOUR U.S. patents have been issued to Evans, and a new sport with fantastic, light weight equipment has been born.

WhipGolf is committed to providing the best equipment for the sport of "throw golf."  To the US Patent and Trademark Office, The WHIP is the authentic, original embodiment of the "Projectile and Throwing Apparatus and Game for Projectile Throwing."

The WhipGolf Revolution (R) is coming soon to a golf course near you!

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