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Frequently Asked Questions


What is WhipGolf?

WhipGolf (R) is a new golf game where the players throw a ball rather than hitting it.  We make specialty equipment for playing "throw golf."  Four U.S. Patents have issued and others are pending.


Where can I play WhipGolf?

Golf courses - WhipGolf is new, but golf courses love it as much as the players.

If you're trying WhipGolf at a golf course that hasn't seen it before, please be polite and respectful when asking to play.  Remember - snowboarding once looked crazy when the world only knew skiing.

You'll get stares at first.  Followed shortly by "What is that thing?" and "Cool! Let ME try that!"

Make your own course - Find a field and make your own course. Experiment. Play. Have fun.  Get outside. Throw a party and make an event of it. Plan a tournament. Enjoy your beautiful kids and embrace their joy and thirst to learn new things. Use your imagination. Try it on an empty beach or in the mountains. Maybe try a glowing ball at night. Just be sure to tell us about your great WhipGolf experience!


How far can I WHIP a golf ball?

Good question. You should try it to find out.

It is all physics, dear Watson. Your throw depends on how fast the ball is moving when it is launched and the launch angle. If you can drive a golf ball over 200 yards, you can probably throw it at least 180 yards.

Almost better than the length is the accuracy. You can throw straight every time, and you'll be amazed how often you're not only hitting the green but coming close to the pin. Ever throw darts at the pin consistently from 125-150 yards out? With WhipGolf, now you can.


Is The WHIP (R) USGA/PGA legal and approved?

WhipGolf is seriously committed to bringing the joy of golf to all athletes young, old, and disabled.  Disabled golfers needed a fresh, new alternative to striking a golf ball - so we invented one.  We'll work with all sanctioning bodies to ensure WhipGolf is available to all, and nothing would thrill us more than to have a recurring WhipGolf event for our brave Wounded Warriors.

Now, for the average golfer, we're out on the course for fun, exercise, competition, and friendship. We're not on the PGA Tour and we don't earn money playing, but we love to golf.  But not necessarily a course that punishes us.  While we respect the Rules and the history of the game, we mix it up once in awhile.  We take an occasional gimme or mulligan.  We might gamble a little or play a game within our foursome.  Why not add WhipGolf into the mix?  How low could you score if you used a WHIP only twice on every hole?


What is the best way to swing? 

Part of the fun is learning what works best for you. Some of our favorites:

The Lacrosse Star - Meat and potatoes.  Use your lacrosse swing to beat dad's handicap.  He'll be playing WhipGolf by the back 9.

The Soccer Throw-in - Two hands on The WHIP, straight overhead throw.  Lob it high for accuracy.  Might even hit the pin.

The Low-to-High - A modified golf-type swing that starts low and follows through to the sky.  With practice, great for a side-spin draw on the ball or getting extra carry with a tailwind.

The Babe Ruth - Take a baseball swing and aim for the fences.  Aim for right field and the ball will fly straight over second base.

The Happy Gilmore - Take a little gallop and WHIP one golf-style.  Start with The WHIP in the backswing position and have at it.  You'll get some good height with this one.

The Crazy Lumberjack - Two hands on The WHIP, straight overhead throw, with a slight running start.  Finish high and this one's a straight line drive every time.  Too low and you're bowling a long, low roller.  Sure to induce giggles and then envy once your ball lands straight down the gut.

The Backwards Granny - You're standing backwards and you don't even care.  Two hands on The WHIP, ball in the scoop and resting near the ground.  You're about to throw backwards over your head and straight down the fairway.  See you in 100 yards.

The John McEnroe - One-handed tennis forehand swing.  Takes some practice, headband optional.

The Decathalon - You're about to win the Olympic Decathlon with this one-handed javelin-type launching style.  One hand on The WHIP, throwing arm fully extended partially behind you, and you're about to trot gracefully to the blue tees and let one WHIP.

The Rain Dance - This is the highest lob you've ever thrown into a green.  So high, it almost touches the clouds and brings the rain.  Almost no roll, and the pin is your bullseye.

As always, kindly report to WhipGolf what you discover.


How do I putt?

You can use a normal putter to strike the ball, or you can use the side edge of The WHIP to "push-putt" the ball, hockey pass style toward the hole.  Almost like sideways shuffleboard.  With your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, start with the ball near your back foot and push it all the way to your front foot, a good 1-2 feet.  You'll be sinking long putts in no time, and you'll begin to read greens better than ever before.

Or you can pick up the ball with The WHIP and toss a gentle low roller.

When push-putting, the player’s feet must not move. By way of example, if push putting hockey pass-style, the golf whip may remain in contact with the ball so long as the player’s feet remain still and until the ball first breaks contact with the golf whip.  The ball must leave the golf whip no closer to the hole than where the last shot came to rest.

Please repair your ball marks on the green.  With WhipGolf, you'll be hitting the green more than usual.


How long does a round take?

WhipGolf should be as fast as a round of regular golf or faster.  If you're playing with only one lightweight WHIP, you'll find you can play pretty quickly.  With straight throws, no lost balls, no searching for the right golf club, no tough lies or mis-hits, and no perfect stance to worry about, you'll be surprised how fast you can play if you want to.

You might even want to walk the course again.  Or run it for for exercise or if you're in a rush.


Must I use the WHIP for every shot?

No.  Use the WHIP on every shot, or put one in your bag to use as another golf club when the situation warrants.  Wouldn't it be fun to wager your golf buddy you can get closer to the pin by throwing with the WHIP when he just chipped onto the fringe from 125 yards out?  Game on, friend.  Game on.


What is the future of WhipGolf?

WhipGolf will continue to innovate and deliver new, exciting products.  Stay tuned!

We're confident the sport will be a huge hit - golf's own "snowboarding" phenomenon that allows new players the chance to use existing outdoor facilities to have FUN.  People who play love it.  Kids can't get enough.  It is the ultimate crossover adventure sport that is affordable and accessible to all.

Golf courses love the sport and its potential.  Just as snowboarding revived winter resorts and retailers world wide, we think the WhipGolf Revolution (R) can do the same for golf.  More importantly than profit, we want people outside being athletic and having fun - even those who thought it impossible.

We're also steadfastly committed to helping disabled athletes compete in new ways.  Period.


I love WhipGolf!  How can I help?  Can I invest?

First, buy the product and use it.  The best advertising is a smiling player and we'd love your help in growing the sport and the WhipGolf brand.

At WhipGolf, we're interested in talented, enthusiastic people who share our passion for outdoor fun and competition.  If that's you, please drop us a line to tell us how you want to help grow the sport. 

Investors - We'll entertain serious investment inquiries. We see substantial opportunity. 

Can my company license the idea to create our own equipment?

WhipGolf takes its intellectual property very seriously.  We'll entertain serious licensing inquiries.  Four U.S. Patents are available for licensing, but beware of imposters.  Snowboarding grew like wildfire and good products from innovators helped the sport flourish.  That's our long-term vision, too.

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