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WhipGolf (R) Revolution (R) is the authentic, original, patented piece of equipment for the sport of throw golf, exclusively from WhipGolf.

What is it? Think of WhipGolf (R) Revolution (R) as a miniature specialty lacrosse-type head on the end of a golf shaft that allows a good player to throw a golf ball over 200 yards. You'll be amazed how easy it is to learn, how fun it is to use, and how challenging it is to master. Just like golf, you'll want to continually improve but more than ever you'll be having FUN!

A forced carry from a tee box? No problem. Wind up and WHIP one.
A bunker between you and the green? Lob that baby closer to the pin than ever before.
In the rough? No matter, you're still going to hit the green.
Narrow fairway? Say goodbye to lost balls since you're always straight and long.
Think golf is too hard or intimidating? Not anymore with WhipGolf (R).

Afraid of hitting the water, the woods, or not hitting the ball at all? Not anymore with WhipGolf (R). Give it a try and you'll be hooked!

Golf course owners love WhipGolf (R) for several reasons:

  • WhipGolfers provide additive revenue and fill empty tee times
  • WhipGolfers take no divots and do not damage the turf
  • WhipGolfers can play on traditional golf courses along with regular golfers
  • WhipGolfers can have a fast pace of play
  • A variety of throws can be made from one WHIP - from a long drive to a short, accurate lob
  • WhipGolfers share similar etiquette, rules and respect for others and the course
  • WhipGolfers can join golfers on the course while making standard golf more enjoyable
  • WhipGolf appeals to a young, athletic demographic and is also perfect for disabled athletes
  • WhipGolf is to golf as snowboarding is to skiing - a new way to have FUN and a new revenue stream for course owners
  • In association with our WHIPGOLF mark, we organize and conduct athletic competitions and games in the field of golf.  Some examples we can bring to your course include closest to the pin competitions, longest throw contests, stroke play tournaments, and match play tournaments.

Even the most ardent golf traditionalist will find WhipGolf (R) a new, exciting option.  Even if you're not using the WhipGolf (R) Revolution (R) for every shot, we're certain that if you try WhipGolf you'll want to throw the ball more and more.  It is just FUN.  When you're throwing darts at the pin and giving yourself the opportunity to one-putt regularly, and when EVERY shot can be straight and true, well, let's just say we told you so.

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