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In association with our FlingGolf and FlingStick trademarks, we sell a custom length whip, typically specified in lengths under 46 inches.  The FlingGolf (TM) and FlingStick (TM) branded product is ideal for kids wanting a more maneuverable whip.  Not only is throwing easier for these players, but putting is easier, too.  

Some users simply prefer a shorter shaft for specialty throws or throwing techniques, and the FlingGolf (TM) FlingStick (TM) branded product is the perfect option.  If you are looking for custom shaft length, the FlingGolf (TM) FlingStick (TM) branded product is a perfect option.

To order the FlingGolf (TM) FlingStick (TM) product, please place an order for the 46-inch shaft and send a message to let us know your desired shaft length.  In the header of your message include the word "FlingGolf" or "FlingStick" and the desired shaft length, in inches, in the following format: "FlingGolf-30" or "FlingStick-30".

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